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"The minute they see me, a (perceived) public enemy,
Used, abused without clues I refused to blow a fuse, They even had it on the news
Don't believe the hype...."(My message inspired by Public enemy)

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Some of the news outlets that March For Our Guns has appeared in include domestic and International Publications: DailyMail, US NEWS, Radio, NPR, RUPLY, and  Dominick In the Morning:
The March For Our Guns Movement was profiled on the Daily Show by Correspondent Roy Wood.  We are cool with him! We are open to future dialogue with the show in good faith to talk about the complex issue of gun rights. There is no hate in the March for Our Guns Movement.
As Public Enemy once said about the media: "Don't beleive the hype........false media we don't need it do we? It's fake that what it be............They lack exact the cold facts.......The media is the whack.....Suckers.... give me a shovel..... they must be on the pipe right?
I see their tape recorder and I grab it........ No you can't have it back silly rabbit........"
Anti Gun Media Hype - Anti Gun Media Hype
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