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We do not agree with SOME of the issues that the movement "March for Our Lives" has presented in their mission statement:

Our Mission Statement

Not one more. We cannot allow one more gun to be taken from our hands. We must make it our top priority to make sure that people of this nation continue to have the right to defend themselves. 


March For Our Guns is created by citizens in Montana who will no longer risk the leftist agenda of seizing the opportunity to diminish our abilities to keep and bear arms. Politicians are correct in telling us that now is not the time to talk about guns.  March For Our Guns is in 100% agreement. Alarmist leftist rhetoric should not take the guns from law-abiding youth that use the firearms to hunt and provide for their families.


On March 24, the collective voices of the March For Our Guns movement will be heard. It is not true that Every kid in this country goes to school wondering if it might be their last. All kids do not live in fear. However, every citizen of this country will live in greater fear if the government tramples on our right to protect ourselves. 


Stand with us on March 24th and let the country know that there are more voices to be heard in this debate and not just a chosen group that has money or influence. MARCH FOR OUR GUNS and make sure that we stay free, are able to protect our families, and are able to ALWAYS have the right to keep and bear arms as a free nation!


We do believe in our constitution and the right to legally protect ourselves. To all those that perished in Florida, our hearts and sincere prayers go out to you.

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